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Santa Rosa County Property Tax Rates
City of Milton - 2.7500 mills
Santa Rosa County - 6.6175 mills
Santa Rosa School District - 7.2070 mills
Northwest Florida Water District - 0.0500 mills

State of Florida Tax Advantages
Sales and Use Tax Exemption on Electricity and Steam:
Charges for electricity used directly and exclusively at a fixed location to operate machinery and equipment that is used to manufacture, process, compound, or produce items of tangible personal property for sale, or to operate pollution control equipment, recycling equipment, maintenance equipment, or monitoring or control equipment used in such operations, may be exempt from the sales tax.

Sales and Use Tax Exemption on Machinery and Equipment:
Tax exemption award made to businesses to aid new and expanding businesses that use machinery and equipment at a particular location to manufacture, process, compound, or produce tangible personal property for sale or for exclusive use in spaceport activities.

Tax Advantages:
Florida ranks among the best states for business and entrepreneurs because of its pro-business tax policies and competitive cost of doing business. Your business dollars go further given the State’s limited corporate taxes and no personal income tax.

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